Roofdec LTD
Established 1971

Health and Safety and Enviromental Policy

Health and Safety

Roofdec take the health and safety of their employees extremely seriously and our safety record is proof of this commitment in 41 years of business our record is;

  • No fatalities
  • No major injuries
  • One prohibition notice

In the past 10 years of business having on average 135 employees our statistics are as follows:

  • Only 5 over three day reportable accidents
  • None in the past two years

We believe this success is due to the following:

  • A dedicated and well trained workforce who are fully aware of the companies attitude towards health and safety .
  • All gangs having an operative with sssts and achieving behavioral change training whereby we have at least one safety ambassodor on site at all times.
  • A health and safety committee made up of 12 from the external workforce and 3 staff who meet quarterly - this interaction betweeen staff and operartives is an ideal forum for all aspects of h & s and where site issues and recommendations are discussed. The minutes of the meeting are distributed to all operatives.
  • A training matrix which clearly identifies the status of every operative and highlights early the expiry of any training or licences
  • An in house safety manager glenn gregory who with over 35 years experience in the roofing and cladding industry prepares all method statements and  risk assessments in conjunction with selected operatives who will be carrying out the operation .
  • The employment of Lincsafe ltd for the past 10 years who are proffesional health and safety advisors. Lincsafe not only provide advice on all health, safety and enviromental issues but also audit all sites on a fortnightlty basis.
  • A safety award made every three months to the gang displaying the best safety practices and reported on in the company news letter
  • Any health and safety infringements fined with all monies going to charity and operatives named and shamed in the company news letter

With a proven track record and statistics second to none in the roofing and cladding industry we can guarantee to carry out your project to the highest standards of health and safety.



img Company Organisation Safety Policy

Health and Safety Structure


Please click here to view our Company Policy for Health and Safety and Welfare statement.

Enviromental Policy

Roofdec LTD has a full enviromental policy in place together with proceedures for reducing waste, the use of sustainable products, reducing transport etc. we are however currently implementing a full enviromental system to iso 14001 and anticipate having this accreditation by December 2012.